Here is a selection of the questions frequently asked. Answers coming soon!

Why, among many other ways to complicate your life, did you choose social anthropology? (Francesco G.)

Is raising a child the toughest task in your life? (Xenios A.)

Do you miss Cyprus, your friends and your lovely home in Nicosia? Is it not hard to move all the time and start again? Or perhaps you are a 'nomad'? (Charlotte P.)

How do you deal with raising your daughter in three languages? (Patrick H.)

What is the literary aspect in ethnography for you? (An V.D.)

What are you feelings about living in Cyprus, your father's country? (Marijne B.)

Why your obsession for stationery? (Elena D.)

You are a person who easily admits the things you don't do well. Remind me again? Are there any things you would like your daughter not to do or certainly to do? Even if its only to fill a gap? (Vincent V.)

Can you tell me about a very awkward situation during your fieldwork? (Evi E.)

What makes you happy? (Chrysta N.)

Books? Why do you want to write books and not only articles? (Clare J.)